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Had I told you 3 years ago that a Batman first person shooter was being developed, you likely would have scoffed. But Rocksteady’s Arkham games have paved the road for successful, smaller games with the Batman name. That’s where developer Monolith stepped in with Gotham City Impostors. Can it make the transition into the competitive downloadable space, and is the game worth your money? There’s nothing sadder than having to start a review discussing the myriad of technical problems that plague a game such as this. Gotham City Impostors seemingly is a game that has not been properly optimized for a mass PC audience. Gamers with both ATI cards and nVidia graphics cards, myself included, have encountered major, game-breaking technical issues. Most glaringly, issues with frame-rate are immediately obvious as soon as the player starts any gameplay mode: from the 3 multiplayer modes to the single player Challenge Mode, and the cinematic, quirky Initiation.

Gotham City Impostors

We pitched the concept for Gotham City Impostors several times before it was greenlit. Each time, people laughed. The first time, they laughed appreciatively because they assumed we were joking. Good one! As they began to suspect we were serious, the laughter became strained. Do you realize how many people would have to sign off on this crazy idea!?

marred by inexcusable technical issues, PC, Gotham City Impostors. a matchmaking lobby, but Gotham City Impostors gives no indication.

What happens when you take the basic model of cops vs. You get Gotham City Impostors. Both sides battle it out in either Team Deathmatch, Fumigation, or Psychological Warfare matches of 6-vs-6 across five different maps. Additionally, there are single player challenges which, when completed, add experience points and medals which can then be applied to the multiplayer unlock system. Since the game is solely focused on multiplayer, Monolith has built an extensive challenge and perk system throughout the entire game.

Custom loadouts, which allow players to build specific loadouts to fit their own style of play, unlock every few levels. Players can also adjust the face type and voice type. Further customizations include selecting a main weapon, backup weapon, a support item and finally a gadget.

Gotham City Imposters Hits PSN Today, Read the Origin Story Here

Read this massive legal agreement before playing! And this one! We know it’s a pain, you’ll be playing soon. Now create a Warner Bros. Checking for downloadable content

New Gotham City Impostors Update comes with FOV Slider -Fix for a crash when the game is minimized as the matchmaking lobby is.

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New Gotham City Impostors Update comes with FOV Slider

Though the DLC costumes that are available online can be earned in-game, to bypass the lengthy leveling process players can simply fork over a couple bucks and jump to the head of the line. Yes, it does include a few new gadgets and gizmos for the faux Jokers and Batmans to play around with, but a feature like joining a match mid-game should not be considered downloadable content nor should being able to mute annoying players.

However, that’s what Gotham City Impostors players are getting: a few new trinkets and some heavily requested features all delivered under the guise of DLC.

Gotham City Impostors is a unique shooter experience at a relatively One of the biggest problems I have with GCI is the matchmaking.

Skip to Content. Based on DC Comics characters, this cartoon shooter is a tale of good versus evil. But combat is the name of the game — with lots of weapons, explosives, and other gadgets used to destroy the other team –so it doesn’t have a very positive message. Plus, gamers can play as the good guys or the bad guys. One team has people dressed as Batman, who is a positive role model for the most part, but the other team has people dressed as the malevolent The Joker.

But even the “positive” role models are determined to kill off the other team, so it’s not the best example of a positive role model here, even if it is to defeat evil. This digital download is quite easy to pick up and play, given the simplified controls and tutorial information. This game is focused on violence — it’s a multiplayer-only, first-person shooter — but in the same vein as DC comic books, its cartoon-like and over-the-top.

Gotham City Impostors review (XBLA)

It was created by Monlith games company in and licensed by Warner Brothers games division. It is a fast paced, action filled game that has as much humor as it does mayhem. Recently, the Gamespy servers which host the matchmaking for game lobbies were bought by another company, Ziff Davis and Glu. They decided that the Gamespy servers should be shut down to focus on more advanced concerns. This is causing many, many games hosted by Gamespy to become obsolete as of May 31st of

Hai, i installed GCI and i’ll go directly to the point. It lags like hell (fps and connection), even on low settings, i can handle some games at.

It could be forgiven for a lot of flaws for solid gameplay and a general lightness of tone. The PC matchmaking system is apparently very broken, complaints have been popping up numerously on the Steam forums about a crashing or simply horrifically slow matchmaking experience. Some have even gone so far to start demanding refunds for their game. It appears that PC gamers will have to wait for a functioning game system with Gotham City.

Wil Taylor. My name is Wil Taylor, an ex-rabid Nintendo fanboy until only a few years ago, a crazy man in a crazy hat showed me that games could be much more than Mario. I buckled up tight and gripped my respective controllers and decided that I was going to come up along-side the new wave of gaming and focus on the interactive mediums. Because seriously, how often does humanity discover an entirely new medium for art? Also, blowing up things is neat too. That said, it may not be worth 20 minutes of trouble just to get into a game.

Wil Taylor My name is Wil Taylor, an ex-rabid Nintendo fanboy until only a few years ago, a crazy man in a crazy hat showed me that games could be much more than Mario.

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Every time I load up battlefield 4 on xbox now it says: “Your connection to Xbox I had the same problem on Gotham City Impostors and Call of Duty Ghost​.

If Gotham City Impostors crashes, Gotham City Impostors will not start, Gotham City Impostors not installing, there are no controls in Gotham City Impostors, no sound in game, errors happen in Gotham City Impostors — we offer you the most common ways to solve these problems. Before letting out all of your bad feelings toward development team, do not forget to go to the official website of your graphics card manufacturer and download the latest drivers.

There are often specially prepared optimized drivers for specific game. You can also try to install a past versions of the driver if the problem is not solved by installing the current version. It is important to remember that only the final version of the video card driver must be loaded — try not to use the beta version, since they can have some terrible bugs. Do not also forget that for good game operation you may need to install the latest version DirectX, which can be found and downloaded from official Microsoft website.

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With Batman gone or otherwise out of commission, who will rise up to defend Gotham City from the forces of chaos? How about a ragtag group of wannabe bat men and women? R and Condemned franchises.

So said the Sterling in his Gotham City Impostors review. In addition to getting all the standard matchmaking features, new players will also.

B unit , 21 Feb 16 Jun From the very first cutscene, Gotham City Imposters immediately separates itself from plethora of rather mundane shooters which have flooded the market over the past decade. The Basics : Aside from a short tutorial and a limited challenge mode, Gotham Imposters is strictly multiplayer only. Neither of these objective gametypes revolutionize the FPS genre, but the unique twists presented through both the toxic gas spewing domination points, and the struggle over a battery to power a propaganda machine serve as humorous means to distinguish the experience from your standard shooter’s offering.

Players can choose from such exciting weapons as bottle rocket launchers, boomerangs, katanas, energy drinks, glider rigs, electrical gnomes, magic conch shells, even a freakin bear HUMAN trap. Every class comes equip with any two weapons, a gadget, a support item, two fun facts perks , a rampage pointstreak , and an exp. The customization in Gotham City is wonderfully addictive.

The true beauty is that nothing is ever routine.

Gotham City Impostors DLC Includes…Farts?

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During my time with Gotham City Impostors, I have run into a few performance issues. The first issue is that of matchmaking. Finding a match.

Binnatics : Well, getting to know the game a bit through the challenges. A perfect way to get used to the available gadgets, weapons and maps. I already noticed everything has humour in it. The motto is: Don’t take yourself, or whatever, too serious. I like that. It starts with easy gadget-test challenges and ends up with a map full of ‘move-spots’ locations that you’ll have to reach or pass and targets. You’ll have to find the fastest and smartest way through and meanwhile shoot as a warlord.

Some guns give you reload times of let’s say, a second.

Wot I Think: Gotham City Impostors

First-person shooter Gotham City Impostors was released. I should love this. It sounded so silly, so camp , how could I not be slapping my thighs while smiling knowingly at the monitor? On one hand it offers a range customisations for you to trim the fat from the character, or add to it if you want a tougher head to deflect the bullets.

First-person shooter Gotham City Impostors was released. I’ve spent But you don’t, and that’s just one problem with the hateful matchmaking.

When the Bat’s away Read Review. Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer game unlike any other, giving players the opportunity to rebel against conformity as they customise their own characters. Posing as amateur vigilantes or villains, gamers will create their very own Bats and Jokerz characters using unprecedented customisation options including insane costumes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons.

The game features maps and modes inspired by DC Comics’ Batman license. I like my Batman like I like my coffee: dark. Hell, I even think Robin is a travesty — the campy tone of a Boy Wonder just clashes with a borderline sociopath vigilante. So a game about a bunch of wannabe Bats and Jokerz dressed up in ridiculous, cartoonish costumes and doing battle in an over-the-top shooter had me somewhat skeptical to begin with, and our two-star review of the original paid version did nothing to assuage my cynicism.

I admit it, I wasn’t expecting much from Gotham City Imposters.

How To Fix Gotham City Impostors’s Matchmaking Problem 100% Works (Still Works 2016)

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